Acorn Mountain Camp

Come to the mountains for a two day camp at Cold Creek Organic Orchard to learn all about foraging acorns. Oak trees provide an important and valuable source of food and medicine as well as many creative and craft uses. We will be learning how to identify different groups of oaks and getting to know the key species that live in Southern California and beyond. But it doesn’t just stop with oaks and their acorns—we’ll also explore the other important species that depend on this abundant and long-lived tree to create habitat, food and a foundation for the local ecosystem. Campsites provided on the farm. Local and wild-inspired meals included.


Day 1

10:00 Attendee Arrivals / Introductions
10:30 Interpretive Hike: Tree Identification & Stories / Oak & Acorn Medicine Discussion / Warm Beverages / Collect Acorns
12:00 Lunch
2:00 Acorn Processing Demonstration / Cooking Demo
3:30  Rest & Dinner Prep / Attendees Set up camp
5:30 Dinner
7:00 Campfire (If permitted by forest service)

Day 2

8:30 Breakfast / Hot Beverages
10:00 Natural Dye with Oak Galls & Acorn Shells Hands-On Workshop
12pm Lunch
1:00 Nature Meditation by the creek
Pack up & depart by 3pm

October 22-23
10am Saturday 10/22 — 3pm Sunday 10/23

Cold Creek Organic Orchard, San Bernardino Mountains on Hwy 18


To register, please complete the Registration Form and submit your payment via Venmo, Zelle or check. If you need another payment option, please contact me directly

Venmo @theforesttable

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