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Jess Starwood is a forager, plant-based chef, and herbalist with a Masters of Science degree in Herbal Medicine (American College of Healthcare Sciences). She teaches wild food and herbalism classes in the greater Los Angeles area for adults as well as children in public school and homeschool groups. She hosts monthly wild food tasting events featuring her latest culinary creations. She forages local wild foods and herbs for several Michelin starred restaurants in Los Angeles as well as the Farm + Forest CSA program. In December 2019, Jess was recognized as one of the most creative chefs in Ventura County by Edible Magazine. She is working on her first book on mushrooms.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jess.starwood

Ethical & Sustainability Practices

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Jess believes that the best medicine comes from a healthy and sustainable environment. With that in mind, ethical practices are followed during all harvesting and foraging activities. Farm + Forest CSA program grows many medicinal herbs but most native and local herbs are harvested from pristine private property with utmost care and awareness to the environmental impact that foraging can have on an area. When applicable, invasive species are utilized in order to bring balance to the natural and native plant environment.