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ARTICLES, featuring Jess Starwood

National Geographic
Love mushrooms? California is having an epic ‘supershroom’ season
by Alejandra Borunda
February 15, 2023
(Going Foraging? Learn Which Mushrooms to Pick or to Leave Alone
by Dierdre Mendoza
September 29, 2021


A Forager’s Wanderland with Jess Starwood — WildFed Podcast #101
Wild Fed Podcast: Hosted by Daniel Vitalis

Fascinated by Fungi Interview with Gordon Walker + Jess Starwood Instagram LIVE recording. May 10, 2021

MycoHangout with Central Texas Mycological Society Recording on YouTube. March 2021

Kodharma Podcast: Episode 8: Foraging & Herbalism with Jess Starwood
What foraging for foods means for our bodies and the environment, how to get started with herbalism, and why ethically sourcing local foods is important.

Welcome to Mushroom Hour, Episode 8: Let Wild Mushrooms & Plants be Thy Medicine (feat. Jess Starwood)

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