The Forest Table Dinners

Welcome back to the forest

Imagine yourself at a rustic wooden table as one of twelve like-minded guests in an awe-inspiring natural setting… maybe its on a coastal bluff overlooking the pacific ocean. Maybe its in an open meadow between rolling golden hills, dotted with wise ancient oaks. Maybe its in a food forest oasis amidst the buzzing urban city. Maybe its in an exotic botanical garden surrounded by unusual but seductive plants. Wherever it is, you are part of this experience and it is a part of you.

The Forest Table dinners were created to facilitate a re-connection to our land through food, herbal medicine and community. Every detail is accounted for. From select utensils and bowls handcrafted solely from natural sources, to the thoughtfully designed take-home gift to remember the experience. The food and drink is crafted with love and respect for the land, using only the most vibrant, life-giving ingredients that have naturally thrived in the same environment we reside in. We breathe the same air and our feet touch the same ground they embrace. Reminding us that we have an intrinsic and inseparable connection to the same earth.

It is a communion of place and season.

There are eight courses for twelve guests who are selected by application process. The food is completely plant-based with the exception of local honey. Courses are prepared without the use of herbicides, pesticides, processed grains, refined oils and sugars. We want you to leave feeling alive, vibrant and nourished. Paired beverages are herbal elixirs, infusions and tonics and are low-alcohol, if any.

Throughout the event, you will learn from Jess Starwood, master herbalist, forager, chef and the creator of The Forest Table, about all of the unusual plants and ingredients in each course and how they interact with and heal the body. Thought provoking topics will also be raised for discussion around the table.

To apply, please fill out the form below. The cost per ticket, once approved, is $175 and is requested by Venmo, cash or check in order to hold your seat at the table. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jess at