“Within nature lies the cure for humanity..”

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.34.11 AMIn the midst of a great life transition, I have found myself immersed deep in the embrace of nature, of the wildness that surrounds us and lies at the very core of our souls. I have witnessed greater truths and deeper knowledge out there, whether its from an awe-inspiring mountaintop view or a single blossom on an inconspicuous weed. Nature truly is our greatest teacher and guide if we are willing to step outside of this society’s manufactured “reality” and into our natural environment.

Join me in an exploration of the wild nature that exists outside your door. The wilderness that has always existed. The nature that lies at the deep center of us all. If only we choose to reconnect with it.

What is this blog about?

It is about life. It is about you. And me. It is about the connection we have to each other and to the natural world from which we came. The infinite interconnectedness that has existed since time began.

In a more straightforward manner, this blog is about nature, plants, herbal medicine, and the trails found near and around Ventura County, California. I have two beautiful children so there will be plenty of references and educational connections for beings of all ages.

And so, with that, I would like to welcome you to this beautiful world

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