Healing with Native Plants Workshop & Wild Food Lunch

In this full day workshop, Dr. Jim Adams will teach about native medicinal plants on a local trail in the morning, followed by a workshop in the afternoon to learn how to make medicine from these important plants. Jess Starwood will offer a gourmet tasting of local wild foods and beverages for lunch.

Jim Adams has a PhD in Pharmacology and studied with a Chumash Indian Healer for 14 years. In this class, he will teach medicinal plant identification and uses. You will be able to make a powerful pain liniment for your own use. You will be taught how to cure chronic pain. You will also be able to learn the uses of several other plants for other conditions. His book “Healing with medicinal plants of the west” will be available for purchase.

Jess Starwood is an herbalist, forager and plant based chef in the Los Angeles area. She has a Masters of Science degree in Herbal Medicine and training in holistic nutrition and mycology. She offers exclusive multi-course wild food dinners and teaches herbalism and wild food classes and workshops for adults and children.

September 18, 2021
Walnut Creek, CA
10am – 4pm

Payment via Venmo is preferred. Contact us for other available options.

Registration: Please complete the form below and send in your registration fee via Venmo @theforesttable . Your registration is not complete and space reserved until your payment has been received. We look forward to having you!

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One response to “Healing with Native Plants Workshop & Wild Food Lunch”

  1. Hi Jess, it’s me Stephanie, I saw your two upcoming workshops- topical herbal extracts part 3 & acorn celebration. Would you prefer dedicated, serious students to attend rather someone like me basically a spectator that dabbles. If there’s an opening I’d like to attend. Please let me know. I miss and love your magical wisdom.

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