Winter Health: Natural Support for a Healthy Immune System

It’s getting to be that time of year when its more likely to catch the common cold or the flu virus. Why is that? With the change of seasons and the quickly approaching holidays, family expectations and never ending to-do lists, we become more susceptible to illnesses as we burn the candle at both ends,Continue reading “Winter Health: Natural Support for a Healthy Immune System”

Prickly Pear Foraging &…Ice Cream!

Last week I spent some time in Arizona visiting my family while taking some time to get rebalanced and find my center again. Going home is always good for that, right? And what better way to do that than in the enchanting desert full of radiant sunsets, captivating monsoon storms and the intense, relentless heat.Continue reading “Prickly Pear Foraging &…Ice Cream!”

Communication through Plants and the Subconscious

I had a surreal experience last week. A reminder that underneath all this superficial drama that we experience in the physical and waking world, there is a deeper connection… threads of a subconscious web that exists whether we are sensitive to it or not. We get so caught up in our daily lives that weContinue reading “Communication through Plants and the Subconscious”

On the nature of seeing… & the Arroyo Conejo Trail

I’ve been hiking almost daily since the first of June. And with that, a significant amount of time to spend quality time by myself which means more than enough time to listen to my own thoughts. Today I explored the Arroyo Conejo trail which is part of the Wildwood Regional Park trail system in ThousandContinue reading “On the nature of seeing… & the Arroyo Conejo Trail”

Exploring the wildflowers along the Mishe Mowka trail

I was planning to hike to the top of Sandstone Peak this weekend as part of my five day stint of time alone. It has been on my to-hike list for a few years now but it wasn’t always convenient to get over to that area of the Santa Monica Mountains. I decided today wasContinue reading “Exploring the wildflowers along the Mishe Mowka trail”

“Within nature lies the cure for humanity..”

In the midst of a great life transition, I have found myself immersed deep in the embrace of nature, of the wildness that surrounds us and lies at the very core of our souls. I have witnessed greater truths and deeper knowledge out there, whether its from an awe-inspiring mountaintop view or a single blossomContinue reading ““Within nature lies the cure for humanity..””